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6th International Conference Frontiers in Diagnostic Technologies

ENEA Centro Ricerche Frascati, 19-21 October 2022 ICFDT6 is an interdisciplinary conference, jointly organized by the Ente...

Theory of Fusion Plasmas 2022

Theory of Fusion Plasmas 2022 Joint Varenna - Lausanne International Workshop Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy September 12...

Università: ha a che fare con la realtà?

Sabato 5 novembre 2022 Hotel Royal Victoria, Varenna (LC)
From 1971

Our Mission

  • The organization of Advanced Courses, Workshops and International Conferences on Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion, on Environmental Physics and on relationship between Science and Ethics;
  • The promotion of international cooperation in these fields of research;
  • ....
From 1971



The Joint Varenna International Workshops on Theory of Fusion plasmas focus on:

  • Anomalous Transport (Turbulence, Coherent Structures, Microinstabilities)
  • RF Heating and Current Drive
  • Non Axisymmetric Configurations
  • Macroinstabilities and Magnetic Reconnections
  • Theoretical Aspects of Plasma-Edge Physics and Divertors
  • Theoretical issues related to burning plasmas


The International Conferences on Diagnostics focus on diagnostics systems, related technologies, and control systems for ITER and in general for machines aimed at the production of fusion power. The context is the operation of ITER and satellites (including JT-60SA, DTT and stellarators) and the start of a design of DEMO fusion power plant.



ICPC collaborates with University-Universitas and Help Point in the organization of the annual Conference in Varenna that focuses on different topics related to the University of Milano-Bicocca, with the participation of Professors and students of this University.



The Workshops try to identify common approaches across different fields of research, techniques and scale lengths. Imaging techniques are used across many applications and research fields.

The International Workshops strongly encourages participation by young scientists.



The international conferences on Superstrong Fields in Plasmas mainly focus on:

  • Electron acceleration with lasers
  • Proton acceleration with lasers
  • Inertial confinement fusion and fast ignition
  • Chemistry and atomic physics in superstrong fields
  • Attosecond generation
  • Diagnostics developments
  • Laser technology advancements
  • Basic physics of strong fields
  • Numerical simulations and code developments
  • Astrophysics in the laboratory
  • HiPER and ELI
  • Latest advances on X-ray sources
  • Towards ignition of nuclear targets 

Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms

ICPC collaborates in the organization of the International Conferences on Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms organized in Villa Monastero by CERN (Geneva).



From 1971 ICPC has organized several scientific conferences and workshop in a broad range of Plasma Physics.



ICPC has organized conferences and workshops with topics in Astrophysics, such as the Plasma Astrophysics Workshop series, the Plasma Astrophysics Joint Varenna-Abastunami Conference series and the International School of Astrophysical Particles.


Science and Philosophy

ICPC has organized a series of interdisciplinary International Conferences focusing on several topics discussed on the scientific, theological and philosophical point of view.


The International School of Plasma Physics was founded in 1971 by a group of professors of the University of Milano (Italy) 

FROM 1971

Our History

The International School of Plasma Physicswas founded in 1971 by a group of professors of the University of Milano (Italy) and in 1973 ISPP became a permanent and autonomous Association.
The first President and Director of ISPP was prof. Piero Caldirola, a well known scientist in the field of Quantum Physics….

From 1971 to 2021

Courses & Workshops