Theory of Fusion Plasmas 2022



Starts 12 Sept
Ends   16 Sept 2022


Donatella Pifferetti
Theory 2022


Workshop is devoted to the Theory of Magnetic Confinement Systems

We are pleased to announce that the Joint Varenna- Lausanne International Workshop on Theory of Fusion Plasmas will take place in the Villa Monastero venue on September 12 – 16, 2022.


– Swiss Plasma Center, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

–  International Center Piero Caldirola (ICPC), Milan

–  Istituto per la Scienza e la Tecnologia dei Plasmi – CNR, Milan

–  Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

Scientific Committee

D. BORBA            (Lisbon, Portugal)

D. FARINA          (Milan, Italy)

L. FIGINI             (Milan, Italy)

T. FÜLÖP             (Chalmers, Sweden)

X. GARBET          (Cadarache, France)

L. GARCIA           (Madrid, Spain)

J.P. GRAVES       (Lausanne, Switzerland) Scientific Secretary

C. HAM                (Culham, United Kingdom)

P. HELANDER   (Greifswald, Germany) Chairman

S. HUDSON        (Princeton, USA)

T. JONSSON       (Stockholm, Sweden)

Y. KISHIMOTO (Naka, Japan)

S. MEDVEDEV (Moscow, Russian Federation)

V.P. PASTUKHOV   (Moscow, Russian Federation)

A. PEETERS    (Bayreuth, Germany)

E. POLI             (Garching, Germany)

O. SAUTER      (Lausanne, Switzerland)

A. SEN              (Bhat, IPR, India)

P. SNYDER      (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)

W.M. TANG     (Princeton, USA)

D. TSKHAKAYA     (Prague, Czech Republic)


H. WILSON      (York, United Kingdom)

F. ZONCA          (Frascati, Italy)

List of Topics
  • Anomalous Transport (Turbulence, Coherent Structures, Microinstabilities)
  • RF Heating and Current Drive
  • Non Axisymmetric Configurations
  • Macroinstabilities and Magnetic Reconnections
  • Theoretical Aspects of Plasma-Edge Physics and Divertors
  • Theoretical issues related to burning plasmas

The abstracts should be sent by June 17th, 2022

One page pdf format abstract, file name as “NAME_Varenna22_abstr.pdf” following word or latex templates used for IOP proceedings papers (remove everything except title, authors, affiliations, abstract body and references). Use IOP proceedings link here for the template:

Submit to Jonathan Graves here:



The poster board (made of cork) is 150cm wide and 100cm high. Printing on to A0-landscape would be ideal. A0-portrait will work, but there will be about 20cm of poster at the bottom that can’t be attached (so be warned that if printing to A0-portrait the poster may tend to curl at the bottom after rolling in a carrying tube). Attaching pins supplied. Electronic copies of the posters do not need to be submitted to the conference, and authors may choose their formatting.

Special Issue Proceedings Paper

Papers will be published in two special issue IOP refereed journals:
– Invited oral and selected poster contributor papers will be published in a special issue in Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion (PPCF)
– Poster contributor papers will usually be published in the Journal of Physics Conference Series (JPCS)

Papers published in PPCF will follow the usual refereeing process of that journal, published as a cluster of papers related to the Varenna-Lausanne Theory of Fusion Plasmas 2022 Conference, supervised by Editors P. Helander and J. P. Graves. Follow the guidelines (and LaTeX/Word templates) of PPCF and submission to PPCF is here (select Varenna 2022 special conference series when submitting). For invited speakers the submission deadline to PPCF is the end of September 2022. For poster contributors YOU NEED to send a justification of your intention to submit to PPCF instead of JPCS, and send a draft pdf of the manuscript, by Monday August 29th, 2022; a decision on the submission destination will be made in a few days, giving time to submit to JPCS if necessary. Poster contributors should send the justification and pdf manuscript on (or before) 29th August to:

Papers published in JPCS will be refereed mainly by participants of the conference, supervised by Editors P. Helander and J. P. Graves. The JPCS special issue page will have a header stating explicitly that the papers have been refereed. Naturally, the refereeing process will be lighter (typically one referee) than the PPCF publication. Open discussions between author and referee can take place during the workshop, and formal referee reports will be provided through the Morressier platform. Follow the IOP guidelines and use the LateX/Word templates here. Papers generated using the IOP templates just mentioned should aim to be not longer than 10 pages (but longer papers might be accepted if this is deemed necessary). Note that YOU NEED TO SUBMIT THE PDF PAPER BY Monday September 5th, 2022, so that we can organize the refereeing process in due time. Submit to:

Registration Fee

Registration fee: 500 EUROS (students 300 EUROS)

The registration fee covers admission to the workshop and social events.

Remote participation possible with modest reduction in registration fee (exact fee to be confirmed). In person participation is encouraged.

Pay by bank transfer before July 29, 2022 to:

Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Italy. Account opened in favour of

“International Center Piero Caldirola”

IBAN: IT40B0569651490000041377X47   BIC/SWIFT: POSOIT22

Please, state as motivation of payment: YOUR FULL NAME – Participation “Theory 2022”
All bank expenses are at participants’ charge. Should the net amount transferred to the bank account be less than the requested amount, the difference will be charged to participants at the conference.

Alternatively we accept cash payment in Varenna at the registration desk.

Note credit cards cannot be accepted for payment of the registration fee.



Deadline for application: June 17, 2022

For any further information regarding registration and accommodation, please contact the Organizing Secretariat:

Mrs Donatella Pifferetti      




Please consider that the conference will take place during the high tourist season and that only a few hotels are not too expensive in Varenna, with limited accommodation capacity.

In addition to the hotels here proposed, for which you have to make your reservation through our organizing secretariat, there are several Bed and Breakfast in Varenna that accept reservations made directly from guests.

Therefore, we recommend you to book accommodation in time.


  • Visitor’s tax to be added to the indicated room cost
  • Please, pay attention to cancellation policies
  • Your credit card data is needed for guaranteeing your hotel reservation. To be sent after you receive the hotel confirmation from our secretariat (you will get all information)


VILLA MONASTERO   Fully booked

For reservations in Villa Monastero, please contact the organizing secretariat



DOUBLE ROOM (for 2 people) 110,00

Cancellation Policy: for cancellations until 7 days before the arrival booked no charge, while after this deadline the amount corresponding to 1 night sojourning will be debited by the hotel.


ALBERGO BERETTA* Fully booked 

DOUBLE ROOM (for 2 people) 95,00
SUITE ROOM (for 2 people) 126,00

Cancellation policy: for cancellations untill 7 days before the arrival booked no charge. After this deadline the amount corresponding to 1 night will be debited by the hotel.



Apartment Price per apartment/per night Final cleaning  Set of sheet, p.p.
Alexis House 140,00 Booked 100,00 10,00
Casa Camelia  125,00   Booked 100,00 10,00
Casa degli Artisti  140,00   Booked 100,00 10,00
Casa Paola  140,00 Booked 100,00 10,00
Pretty Home  130,00 Booked 100,00 10,00
Varenna Garden  150,00 Booked 100,00 10,00
Fiorella Dependance  130,00 Booked 100,00 10,00
Little Nest Flat  100,00 Booked 100,00 10,00
Booking conditions: minimum stay of 2 nights; Visitors’s tax to be added.
30% deposit is due at the moment of booking (with credit card or bank transfer); balance at the moment of check-in.
Cancellation Policy: within 30 days before arrival, free cancellation (and return of the deposit); after: 30% (corresponding to the deposit sent) NOT REFUNDABLE
Poster of the conference
Important Dates
Application, hotel reservationJune 17, 2022
Abstract Submission June 17, 2022
Payment of registration fee by bank transfer (otherwise cash at registration desk) July 29, 2022
Post-deadline Abstract (not included in the Book of Abstracts) may be accepted untilSeptember 2, 2022
Papers Published in PPCF (speakers)end of September
Papers Published in PPCF (poster contributors)August 29, 2022
Papers Published in JPCSSeptember 5, 2022

Scientific Information:

Prof. J. GRAVES, SPC/EPFL, PPB-Ecublens, Station 13

CH 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland


Logistical Information:
Mrs Donatella Pifferetti: phone +39-3493537772


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