From 1971

Our History

The International School of Plasma Physics was founded in 1971 by a group of professors of the University of Milano (Italy) and in 1973 ISPP became a permanent and autonomous Association.
The first President and Director of ISPP was prof. Piero Caldirola, a well known scientist in the field of Quantum Physics.

In 1984, after the President passed away, the School was dedicated to his name, becoming the International School of Plasma Physics “Piero Caldirola” and Prof. Elio Sindoni was appointed as new President.

In 1984 the Regione Lombardia acknowledged to the School the rank of “Ente di interesse regionale” (Body of Regional Interest).


In 1986 prof. Donato Palumbo, former Director of the Fusion Programme of the European Community, accepted the position of President “ad honorem” of the School.
In 2015 Prof. Giuseppe Gorini, full prof. of Physics at the Milano-Bicocca University, has accepted the role of President, while prof. Elio Sindoni has covered from then the position of President “ad honorem”.

From the beginning of the 2000s the Association has changed its name in “Piero Caldirola International Center for the Promotion of Science and International School of Plasma Physics, abbreviated International Center Piero Caldirola.

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