Conferenza Internazionale su
Scienza ed Etica alle Soglie del Terzo Millennio
International Conference on
Science and Ethics at the Dawning of the Third Millennium

Chairmen: D. Galbiati, E. Sindoni
Proceedings: SIF/Angelicum-Mondo X, Bologna (Italy)

Science and Ethics 1992
Science and Ethics 1992 foto 2
Joint Varenna – Lausanne International Workshop on
Theory of Fusion Plasmas

Chairman: F. Troyon
Proceedings: ISPP/CRPP/SIF Bologna (Italy) – ISPP-12


Course and Workshop on
Industrial Applications of Plasma Physics

Chairmen: W. Hooke, E. Sindoni
Proceedings: ISPP/SIF Bologna (Italy) – ISPP-13


Joint Varenna – Abastumani – Nagoya – Postdam – ESA Workshop on
Plasma Astrophysics

Chairman: S. Hayakawa
Proceedings: ESA


Workshop on Finite-Beta Limit and
Transport Phenomena in Thermonuclear Plasmas

Organizing Committe:  R. Bickerton, B.Coppi



Course and Workshop on
Diagnostics for Fusion Reactor Conditions

Chairmen: D. K. Akulina, P. Stott, C. Wharton
Proceedings: CEC, Brussels – EUR 8351 I EN